I make beaded jewellery differently.

KUHO Collective is not just another jewellery shop selling the same designs as everyone else. Each design and beads are carefully selected and handcrafted by me. Each piece is made to order to minimise excess stock! This also means you can customise your designs and make it yours. 

It's designed different.

It's here to brighten your day.

And to all you ocean lovers - it's here to make change to the world. More importantly to be part of a community that restores the ocean and protects wildlife! Each month, 5% of our profits are donated to The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS). 

So come along and be part of a community in working towards the future of our blue planet- as a collective!

A little bit more about KUHO...

about us kuho

KUHO symbolizes energetic,  originality, confident and ambitious - and it is also a combination of my first and last name to add a touch of personality!

KUHO Collective is based in Sydney, and I am a one woman show. I'm constantly inspired by everything that goes on around us, KUHO jewellery is designed to be timeless, so that you can enjoy wearing it for years to come. 

Take it to the beach, to the bar, to your next Bali trip, or is simply the perfect birthday gift.

Thanks so much for considering my KUHO brand and join me in our mission towards restoring our blue planet. 

Please reach out to me below with any questions and I'd be more than happy to help. Or you might be keen to know more about my commitment to sustainability?

Why not also shop for some awesome and sustainable handmade jewellery now!

So much love
Kumi xx